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The   story   Mahajanaka   The   story   Mahajanaka   Mahajanaka   ancient   Bhuddist   scripture   depictinga   practice   perseverance   king   named   Mahajanaka   The   original   story   was   the   last   the   tenth   series   Jataka   scripture   story   the   last   reincarnation   Bodhisattva   before   was   born   Sithardha   who   became   Bhudda   Mahajanaka   was   great   king   who   brought   prosperityand   wealth   his   land   city   Mithila   One   day   his   trip   park   saw   two   mango   trees   the   entrance   One   had   lot   tasty   fruits   the   other   had   none   tasted   the   sweet   mango   before   went   into   the   park   When   came   out   found   the   tree   with   the   tasty   mangos   torn   down   Many   his   subjects   were   swarming   for   good   taste   sweet   mango   the   poor   tree   could   not   withstand   But   the   one   without   fruit   was   left   standing   tall   Thus   means   good   things   are   more   attractive   andjeopardy   frenzy   crowd   who   often   lack   wisdom   the   old   story   King   Mahajanaka   had   feeling   consolation   consolation   the   incident   then   stipulated   toseek   transquility   priesthood   rewriting   the   story   His   Majesty   King   BhumibolAdulyadej   said   was   too   soon   for   Mahajanaka   become   priest   Mahajanaka   would   have   gotten   his   Dhamma   enlightment   easier   continue   working   complete   good   deeds   worldly   condition   His   Majesty   King   Bhumibol   emphasizes   his   rewritingon   land   called   Suvarnabhumi   where   mappes   out   geographic   location   the   city   makes   forecast   meteorogy   and   astrology   presenting   his   own   drawing   four   graphic   maps   There   are   parts   his   writing   encouraging   practice   perseverance   purity   important   merit   needed   for   beneficiary   ordinary   living   becomes   moral   inheritant   wellworth   for   younger   Thai   generation   All   are   rewritten   easy   read   contemporary   languages   both   Thai   and   English   Topic   THE   STORY   MAHAJANAKA   Main   Idea   Get   back   the   throne   the   find   the   treasure   his   father   Inferences   That   was   great   one   cartoon   book   made   the   king   Rama   Type   text   organization   Writing   the   King   Cartoon   Edition   Context   clues   not   persevered   the   ocean   would   not   this   throne   Any   individual   who   practices   perseverance   even   the   face   death   will   not   any   debt   relatives   gods   father   mother   Furturemore   any   individual   who   does   his   duty   like   man   will   enjoy   Ultimate   Peace   the   further   have   reflected   upon   the   worldly   behavior   and   the   merits   perseverance   Thus   conclude   that   even   thought   not   see   the   shores   still   have   persist   our   swimming   the   wide   ocean   Should   young   Prince   Mahayana   perish   the   ocean   never   allowed   the   Celestials   Society   anymore   was   physically   quite   strong   and   rather   strict   disposition   resulting   from   subconscious   inborn   pride   being   pure   royal   blood   The   children   were   both   hurt   and   scared   they   cried   loudly   Simple   sentences   the   course   time   the   King   passed   away   Heaven   Viceroy   Polajanaka   was   put   chains   and   under   guard   mansion   near   the   royal   Palace   Civilians   form   the   city   also   came   join   The   Queen   went   through   the   Northern   Gate   The   Queen   lay   down   and   drifted   into   peaceful   sleep   Compound   sentences   Aritthajanaka   acceded   the   throne   and   invested   his   brother   Viceroy   The   people   recognized   him   and   took   good   care   him   the   battle   ensued   Prince   Polajanaka   soldiers   made   mince   meat   Aritthajanaka   and   killed   him   When   the   people   learnt   about   the   Kong   demise   there   was   great   turmoil   all   thought   the   city   The   being   that   rested   the   royal   womb   was   not   and   ordinary   being   but   was   one   destined   for   enlightenment   Complex   sentences   that   instant   the   chains   dropped   down   pieces   and   the   door   was   flung   open   wide   entertained   ill   will   towards   brother   But   now   the   situation   has   changed   act   accordingly   called   the   militia   and   surrounded   host   populace   set   off   for   the   city   Mithila   She   donned   old   tainted   clothes   disguise   herself   and   putting   the   basket   her   head   she   let   the   city   immediately   conjured   covered   wagon   with   bed   inside   and   transformed   himself   into   and   old   man   img   http   postimg   org   gzl   jpg   img   Audio   Collection   Panatda   Cds   kbps   kbps   img   http   postto   lnac   jpg   img   img   http   postto   jpg   img   KPN   Award   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