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beloved   woman   Drawing   upon   all   the   possible   degrees   refinement   that   the   Thai   language   poetry   and   art   can   master   each   poem   work   art   itself   praising   the   beauty   the   beloved   woman   and   mourning   her   passing   Preceding   the   poems   are   illustrations   connected   the   overall   theme   They   show   mythological   creatures   and   motifs   from   Thai   legends   and   stories   such   Kinnar   mythical   half   birds   the   figure   Phra   Ram   the   hero   the   Thai   Ramayana   The   manuscript   the   Bavarian   State   Library   Munich   Germany   pgs   Lew   Ajareeya   Albums   Lew   Ajareeya   Albums   IMG   http   tinypic   com   jpg   IMG   Karaoke   VCD   Nat   Myria   Life   Love   Karaoke   VCD   Nat   Myria   Life   Love   VCD   Release   date   Febuary   http   www   ethaicd   com   show   php   pid   Track   List   Ruk   mai   chuay   arai   Mai   yhark   hai   chao   lei   Lhub   pai   kub   chun   tuen 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